Resources and Links

Legal Rulings that Affect School Nurses in Iowa
  Iowa Regulations
Guttmacher Institute - State Policies on Minors' Access to STD Services
Iowa Nurse Practice Act - Chapter 6
Interpretive Statement - Iowa School Nurses and Delegation
Iowa School Nurses and LPN's
Delegation - Iowa Board of Nursing
Delegation Grid - Iowa Board of Nursing
Delegation - Joint Statement by ANA and NCSBN
Immunization Requirements - Chapter 7
Asthma Self Administer Medications (Iowa Code 280.16 - effective 2004 school year)
Bullying (Senate File 61 - effective on or before September 1, 2007)
  Federal Regulations
Reauthorization of Child Nutrition Act
No Child Left Behind
2004 IDEA Summary
Education Law Center
National Association of State Boards of Education: State-Level School Health Policies
General Links
National Association of School Nurses, Iowa Department of Public Education...
Sample Forms and Policies
Athletic Physical, Medication Administration, Emergency Action Plans, Blood Glucose Log, Dental Exam, Immunization Cards...
Resources by Body System
Neuro/seizures, Mental Health, Respiratory/asthma, Skin/derm, Dental, Endocrine/diabetes...
Evidence Based Practice
National Clearinghouse Guidelines, Evidence Based Practice Guidelines for School Nurses...
Resources by Topic
Adolescents, Special Needs/Education, Meds in Schools, Playground, Injuries, Communicable Illnesses, Mental Health...
Legal References
Meds in Schools, Delegation, Immunization Requirements, Self-Medication of Asthma Medications, IDEA summary, 504 plans, Individualized Education Plans...
Emergency Preparedness & Response
Iowa Department of Public Health, American Red Cross, Emergency Kits, Pandemic Preparedness, Violence in Schools...
Position Statements
ISNO School Nurse Role in Caring for Student with Diabetes, NASN Position Statements/Issue Briefs, ANA Position Statement Supporting School Nurses...
Health Insurance & Prescription Resources
Medicaid, hawk-I Epocrates, Drug Digest, Partnership for Prescription Assistance...
Data and Health Statistics
Youth Risk Behavior Survey, Child Trends Data Bank, Monitoring the Future, National Center for Educational Statistics...


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